Quantitative Brokers

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Electronic trading for Fixed Income Commodities and Currencies was not efficient circa 2008. While working together at a major bank, company founders Dr. Robert Almgren and Christian Hauff concluded that fixed income traders were lacking efficient technology solutions, quantitative execution, and cost measurement tools which had been so valuable for the equity markets. After 2 years of R&D, they launched Quantitative Brokers (QB). Since then, QB has helped further democratize access, enhance workflow and transparency for clients.

As part of the identity project discovery, it was clear that the shorthand name QB was already widely in use verbally and in writing. This led to significant interest in a logo based on the company initials. In addition, it was requested by the founders that the initials also represent something else. Thus, the QB “sprout” was born—a symbol of growth, constructed with a green lowercase “q” and yellow lowercase “b”.

The geometric rendering style—based on the isometric view of a cube—stemmed from the realization that the phonetics of the company initials Q-B sound similar to the word “cube.”

Additional representational abstractions were later designed for QB’s suite of algorithmic product offerings.