Leo Koenig Inc.

Exhibition Poster Series, Website

Leo Koenig Inc. initially became known for introducing a number of important European artists such as painter Jonathan Meese and the performance group Gelitin to a New York audience, while expanding the careers of American artists both in the U.S. and abroad. Owner Leo Koenig’s reputation grew by virtue of his insistence upon anchoring his exhibitions with museum quality publications, while assiduously linking new artists to a historical lineage. While Koenig remains interested in developing artist careers, he focuses mainly on the secondary markets for contemporary art, where he is sought after as a congenial expert.

A series of exhibition posters was designed for the gallery, with layouts dictated by the relationship between the work of two different artists (each exhibition is dual-showing). Consistency is maintained with a tight typographical grid and style.

The Leo Koenig Inc. website was created to showcase upcoming and recent shows, as well as serve as an archive for the original incarnation of the gallery (1997-2017), and related gallery Koenig & Clinton (2007-2017).