CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

Logo, Website

The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute works across disciplines and sectors to make the food system just, healthy, and resilient. The institute, along with its partners, develops strategies to address the root causes of urban food problems. Their work with communities, governments, and businesses tackles poverty, racism, and inequality—all drivers of food inequity. The institute engages those most affected by injustices in research and action.

To emphasize the institute’s focus—the logo was redesigned with the university identifier rotated counter-clockwise 90° and its color changed to be equal weight in value. The original logo set “CUNY” in a dark, near-black gray that dominated the lockup. The complex and distracting green and yellow Alexander Calder-esque clipart added no value or meaning relevant to the institute’s work, and was abandoned.

The cool-green present in the original logo was carried into the new identity for continuity—and it serves well across the fully overhauled website designed and produced for the institute.