Columbia Journalism School

Booklet Series Design

One of the top journalism schools in the world, Columbia Journalism School is also one of the oldest, with more than 100 years of experience in educating future industry leaders and trailblazers. The school is rooted in the bedrock values of journalistic ethics and excellence, but is also on the cutting-edge of journalistic innovation and media scholarship.

To support the school’s admissions department, a suite of print materials was designed and produced for mailings, college fairs, and other in-person events.

The school’s identity at the time of production was based on the typeface Garamond—which worked well to support the legacy of the J School. However, to work toward the institutional strategic goal of being positioning at the forefront of innovation—a more contemporary sans-serif typeface needed to be incorporated into the admissions campaign. And furthermore, in the same vein—the school’s iconic “Columbia Blue” was propped up by two fresh palette additions: vibrant magenta, and teal.