Arles on the Hudson

Logo, Cards

Arles on the Hudson is a vision to bring the world-famous photography festival that has taken place each summer for 50 years in the south of France to New York’s Hudson Valley. The Arles Photo Fest attracts hundreds of thousands to see dozens of exhibitions of contemporary and historical photography installed throughout this charming city in Provence. Arles on the Hudson will import “a taste of Arles” to the scenic and historic Hudson Valley as a catalyst for tourism and economic development. It will celebrate and renew the historic bond between the US and France.

The logotype is designed to maximize the impact of the partner locations of Arles and Hudson. It’s intended to match the intensity, weight, and general sensibility of the Rencontres d’Arles logo while still having its own character.

A gestural drawing of the Hudson River is integral to the identity, and is to appear in a variety of positions and “levels of zoom.” The professional card for example splits the river in half, showing one part on the front, and continuing on the back to where the river terminates in NYC.